September 12, 2008

looks like a good train ride to me

The Age of Innocence has been my train reading for the last few weeks, and this week I finished it. I haven't read much Edith Wharton in the past, but her descriptions are delicious.

How wonderful to read something for the pleasure of reading's sake. That, I think, is my criteria for a good novel (or poem or play, for that matter): It should stand up to analysis, but it must be enjoyed, whether analyzed or not.

Read anything good lately?


Karima said...

hi! i'm struggling through moby dick right now, but reading the age of innocence seems like a lovely way to spend train rides and will go on my must-read list. i enjoyed coppola's film very much. the house of mirth film adaption moved me too, have you read that?

Kelly said...

Karima: I haven't seen the film adaptations of Wharton's works, but I would like to read House of Mirth. Wharton really has renewed my somewhat slacking faith in American novelists. I'd love to hear your suggestions as well!