October 15, 2008

wistful wednesday.04

me and my Smurf-blue tights on vacation!

I hate playing catch-up. Which makes me procrastinate, which makes for more catch-up - it's a vicious cycle.

So as a preventative measure and without further ado, here are my wistful Wednesday links. Be sure to check back later this week for blog awards and *perhaps* a giveaway!

October 8, 2008

wistful wednesday.03

You know how fashion magazines have that feature where you can dress a like celebrity for cheap? Well, this is my version of that for what I'm wearing to the wedding - only these are the more expensive options! My version to follow, credits here

Weddings! Today I am off for a little vacation - my oldest sister is getting married in Maryland this weekend. Partay!

Everyone loves a good wedding, no? So this wistful Wednesday is devoted to the best wedding ideas I've seen/heard lately:
  • Casey is going to be such a stunning bride . . .
  • this wedding is the most fun I've seen in a long time (a tandem bike? priceless!), and you won't believe how cheap it was! (via)
  • my favorite wedding toss idea to date: lavendar (it smells better than birdseed)
  • there is so much to love about this wedding, but especially the green shoes . . . (via)
  • if I ever do get married, I love the clean simplicity of a 1950s gown
  • No kidding, bikes are the best wedding accessories
(Btw, thank you to Casey for the lovely blog award! I have a plane to catch, but I plan on passing on this award ASAP. Take care all, and see you later!)

October 7, 2008

quatre raisons . . .

. . . for me to learn French.
  1. Un. So I can watch cool French films The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and those by Jean-Luc Godard without subtitles.

  2. Duex. So I can listen to the music of Francoise Hardy (because CDs don't come with subtitles).

  3. Trois. So I can order food at chic bistros and brasseries without wondering about my pronunciation.

  4. Quatre. So I can channel French fashion muses like garance doré, le blog de Betty, and model Clémence Poésy (okay, so I don't need to speak the language to do this, but it still would be cool . . . )
Is there something you've wanted to do for a long time, but never had? Tell me what it is, and come up with reasons why (maybe you'll talk yourself into it)!


Confession: On an average day, I have more than 20 items checked out from the library, with more on hold. Books, movies, music. I'm a voracious consumer of images and words on random and multitudinous subjects. I'm an addict, a junkie, and the library is my candyman.

Nobody creates in a vacuum. With feed readers and sites like delicious, it's become easy enough to document one's web browsing and inspiration. Once I've returned a book or film to the library, though, that record is cleared.

So I've got this idea - each week, to post a select list of the books/movies/music I've consumed in the past week. Let me know what's on your library card, too!

(Usually I'll try to have a photo with these posts - unfortunately I've returned most of these to the library already!)

October 4, 2008

a braid for all seasons

Braids hanging down one's back are simple and pretty enough, but wound around the head they turn a milkmaid into a queen.

images (clockwise, starting upper left): Toast home catalogue fall '08, a mess of braids from glamour.com, Bottega Veneta fall '07 (via), Jackson, Johnstone, & Roe spring '08, spaceheaters, Vogue Italy February '08 (as if models could wield a saw), and alibosworth

I've loved this look for a long time, but I've never got it to work for me. My hair's too thick for a thin plait wrapped flat around my head, and the visual effect of a French braid is lost against my dark hair. Lately, though, I've gotten good results with two reverse French braids on either side then twisted into a bun, kind of like the Italian Vogue photo above.

Braiding links:

October 3, 2008

Goodbye, farmer's market; I will miss you. See you next year!

October 1, 2008

wistful wednesday.02

Happy October, everyone! Only a few links today, with hopefully more "real posts" by the end of the week . . .