October 8, 2008

wistful wednesday.03

You know how fashion magazines have that feature where you can dress a like celebrity for cheap? Well, this is my version of that for what I'm wearing to the wedding - only these are the more expensive options! My version to follow, credits here

Weddings! Today I am off for a little vacation - my oldest sister is getting married in Maryland this weekend. Partay!

Everyone loves a good wedding, no? So this wistful Wednesday is devoted to the best wedding ideas I've seen/heard lately:
  • Casey is going to be such a stunning bride . . .
  • this wedding is the most fun I've seen in a long time (a tandem bike? priceless!), and you won't believe how cheap it was! (via)
  • my favorite wedding toss idea to date: lavendar (it smells better than birdseed)
  • there is so much to love about this wedding, but especially the green shoes . . . (via)
  • if I ever do get married, I love the clean simplicity of a 1950s gown
  • No kidding, bikes are the best wedding accessories
(Btw, thank you to Casey for the lovely blog award! I have a plane to catch, but I plan on passing on this award ASAP. Take care all, and see you later!)


ambika said...

Zooey really is too darling. Love the collage.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog you have!

HLS said...

I'm in love with the tandem bike wedding. Especially the guest book.

Erhen said...

You have a blog! Yay!!!fctmnz