September 8, 2008


Hi! Welcome to my new inspiration blog. My intention is to say as little as possible here, and I'll try to keep to that even in this introduction. But if you enjoy fashion, photography, literature, or craft - or simply finding beauty in mundanity - I hope you'll stick around.

I'm Nobody
- The poignant plea of this poem has haunted me for years. A plea for anonymity, for simplicity and for sincerity. The desire to live and create as a "nobody." To create art without having to fill the role of an "artist," whatever that means, without the compulsion to be "somebody" all the time. The desire to become so transparent as an artist that only the art exists, universal in spite of its particularity.

Are you - Nobody - too?


HLS said...

I remember being a very young child and finding this poem in a world book encyclopedia (I think) and being absolutely enthralled with it and with Emily Dickinson. Thanks for bringing me back.

casey said...

I'm so glad to see you're blogging again! :) I've missed your lovely posts and Flickr photos. I can't wait to see what lovely inspirations you share with us here--new homes are sometimes just the thing. Our lives change so much, that it's hard to stay static with something that no longer fits who we've evolved into.

Have a lovely week!

Anna Allen said...

Yay! I added you to my bloglines. And I like that poem. :)